Alkyoni Rooms – Agistri

How to get to Alkyoni

Alkyoni, is located on the area of Skliri and is a five minute walk from the port of Skala. Just turn left on the port and come enjoy, what was named as the "true" Agistri.

If you arrive in Agistri through the port of Myloi, you can approach Alkyoni by getting the bus that gets you to Skala.

Alternatively, you can call one of the islands taxis:

τηλ: 6977662004

τηλ: 6977618040

How to get to Agistri

Getting there

From the port of Peiraius there are everyday departures of flying dolphins. The duration of the trip is 55 minutes.

Route by:

Hellenic Seaways Flying Dolphins:
Agistri: 22970-27462
Piraeus: 210-41.99.000
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AEGEAN Flying Dolphins:
Agistri-Miloi: 22970-91171
Piraeus: 210-4121654, 4121647
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Getting there

From Piraeus there are also Ferry Boats heading to Agistri. Apart from passengers, they can also transport cars. The duration is about 2 hours and one way tickets cost about 10€ per person and 28€ per car.

Route by:

Saronic Ferries:
The office in Skala:
22970 - 91171
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Getting there

You can also get to Agistri through Aigina with "Agistri Express". During the summer, the route is frequent. You can check the timetable at the port of Aigina. The duration of the trip is about 10 min. and a one way ticket costs about 6€.

Getting there

Day and night available, especially handy for early departures in order to catch the first Flying Dolphin from Aegina to Piraeus, or if you miss a connection. Also useful for short trips to interesting places around Agistri or the Peloponnese coastline. They have a capacity of 12 passengers.

Jamaica Sea Taxi
phone: 6944535659

Poseidon Sea Taxi
phone: 6972229720

From the airport El.Benizelos

In front of the airport there are shuttle buses and taxis that will take you to the port of Piraeus. Shuttle bus nr. X 96 to Piraeus takes about 1.15 min. and the price is approximately 3-6€ one way. You can buy the ticket at the ticket booth at the airport, or from the bus driver in Piraeus. 

Once you get off the bus in Piraeus, turn left (south - east) and move inside gate number E8 (Argosaronic islands), where you will find all the ticket offices of the various boats going to Agistri island.