Alkyoni Rooms – Agistri


The taverna's location is perfect. If you wish, you can stay away from "the madding crowds". There are small coves to swim in, just a five-minute walk away, and if you want to stroll into the forest, a shady trail will lead you to Chalichada.


Is probably the most stunning beach on the island,as well as, one of the first nudist beaches in Greece. Here, you will discover a huge, white shingle beach - its clear crystal waters alive with small coloured fish. Its sheltered location is an ideal place to relax, enjoy a good book or even paint.


You will find Dragonera between Milos and Limenaria; a steep path takes you down through the pines that stretch almost to the pebbled shoreline. It is a popular location for serious sun-worshippers and one of the best places on Agistri to see the sun set. You can hire sunbeds and buy refreshments during the summer months.

What to do
What to do
What to do


What to do


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What to do

Scuba diving

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Agistri’s forested hills and several mountain roads, that connect the entire island,are ideal for hiking.
The combination of breathtaking sea views and thick vegetation offer a very enjoyable hiking experience, from 30 min walks to 6 hour circular hikes.
In our reception you can find maps and ask for information.

What to do

Horse riding

Next to Aponisos by the lake, this small ranch offers horse-riding lessons and walks around the island for all ages and levels of experience.
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Nearby excursions


From this vantage point above the taverna, a lower track will lead you down towards Metochi. This is an old traditional village, built high above the coastal plain. It is a mix of old white, red-tiled houses with a taverna at the very heart of it. A great place to have a glass of wine and meze and watch the sun go down! The taverna is famous for its rabbit dishes and a few of the villagers still keep goats, chickens and bees and the rabbits run wild. The village was a one-time refuge from Aegean pirates!


You can visit both Limenaria and Aponisos in a single visit, since the distance between them is quite short (5-10min). Both village lie in the southern side of the island and you can access them via bus or car.From Alkyoni is a 20 minuite drive or if you prefer a two-hour walk through the mountain trails. This picturesque village has retained its unique character.The relaxed mood of the few inhabitants as the small gardens outside the houses is a reminder of elder, more peaceful eras. In the heart of the village you will come across mister Tasos, where you can taste local eggs and mushrooms. Beyond Limenaria,heading south,you pass through olive groves,fig and almond trees. To your right is the lake of Aponisos home of many seabirds. The road ends at Aponisos and this how far you can go by car. Here there is a small taverna and the seashore. However,during summer weekends,this magnificent spot can get overcrowded,so its best to enjoy its small beach other times of the year.

What to do
What to do

Days away from the Island...

The Alkyoni's location in the Saronic Gulf and the regular ferry and Flying Dolphin services on and off the island, mean that the traveller is ideally placed to visit the neighbouring islands of Aegina, Poros and Hydra and get back in time for the sunset.
Athens is just an hour away on the Flying Dolphin which now runs frequently between Milos and Piraeus and, regardless of what people may say about visiting the capital, you cannot ignore this city - once the glory of the classical world . It is a must to visit in summer, but not in the white hot heat of the afternoon
From Agistri, you can make excursions to the Corinth Canal , Nauplia and Mycenae.
Or you can visit the theatre at Epidaurus. This 4th century theatre, amidst the olives and pines, is in the most remarkable setting and the performances are often memorable.